When I think of roaming way I think of people of modern day. My new watch, puppies and gold ring. Also, my new black and yellow winter jacket. Starts to make me excited for Old Minto Treatment camp. When I’m just going to roll out of her and ride out to the camp on a boat. Reminds me of a motorcycle. I’m really going to miss my bf. He’ll probably make it out there, he did last time. I wasn’t too nice to him, but sort of.

            I just can’t wait for that cool time period in my life, filled with growth and ambition. All virtues of my expectation. I love when it comes to healing and stuff, that’s my cup of tea. It will only be for 35 days. My grandma and best friend did it, and J and I are going to do it. Yay – – yippee!

By -By Robbie Kays Chick, Alguairlious_Doyon_Queen