By Wildcat

I’m at the Fairbanks Correctional Center. My seasonal work is Just poppin’ off. I’ve been a Wildland Firefighter for 10 years and 6 scores. I enjoy the excitement, the crew, the whole wildland fire.

The people I work with are very interesting and are similar to what we do. A lot of firefighters around Alaska know who I am. I’ve fought fires in Tok and went to the academy and some college classes. I enjoy the whole work.

I have about 10 and more qualifications. The ones I work on is IC Commander 5, that’s the crew boss. I’ve been a trainee for two years. I’m confident about what I do, I like what I do. And if I get out, I plan to finish my training.

I have a lot of sources to get to work right away. I plan to get out and go right to work…

I have a crew and we all live together for 14 days out in the wildland. We eat together, we work together. We are all hard workers. I’m excited to go, there is so much work and occupations of the fire life.

                  My fire life started in 2006, the year I graduated.

To be continued-