Voices Uncaged is the shared blog of the women writers workshops at the Fairbanks and Lemon Creek (Juneau) Correctional Centers. We meet every Monday afternoon in the correctional centers’ Education Centers. Writers of all levels are invited to read, discuss, and write with us during workshop. The writing on this blog consists of anonymous entries submitted by women in these workshops.

We are …

50, mother grandmother. Certified drug counselor ex con

35-year-old mother of 3 beautiful girls and in her own opinion is the female equivalent of Peter Pan. She has spent the last twenty years running wild on the playground of life, waiting to be told that it’s time to go home.

A 30 year old prisoner, riddled with regret about having my freedom ripped from me again + again, mother of a 14 year old daughter, who’s waiting for me to reinvent a “me” that doesn’t need a controlled environment to thrive.

Myself: Unwritten. I don’t yet know who I am, 23. Strong willed, devoted to changing my life. Awake to my past open to my future. The rest will speak for itself.

26 years old locked away, waiting for freedom to eventually save the day.
Reunification with mommy’s pride and joy’s 3 precious little girls without their mom Hold on stay strong for all mom’s wrongs are almost right. I’ll be there soon just in new light.


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