I remember once a life I lived, a whole different world from you all, this world was somewhat a life filled with hopes and wishes of imagination, and all in the mind, for living in your mind is bigger than living in your world.  This world I used to live was on the other side of them white brick walls in B dorm. My body was in caged but my mind was free. I remember having dreams of destruction in the future/ I wake up terrified and sweaty, almost traumatized for it seemed so real.

Still today I can remember as if this happened yesterday. I remember sitting with the other twenty-two ladies in yellow. We all gathered around the table. Then we heard a noise and looked out the window. A bright flash of bright light almost blinding us all, then a low unexplainable noise, rumbling the ground. Then it got quiet. No Sound. I yelled at all the twenty-two girls to gather in the shower. We all jammed in such a tight place under the curtain with the shower pouring water over us all. I remember the air was so hot, burning because of the radiation. We woke up later then walked outside, the wall was gone, we were free, but everything was gone. No trees, no birds, just a big mess of debris scattered the earth. Then we saw dozens of army trucks swarming the earth.