• Who is this mand; half of my genes, inhabiting my veins. Intruder? Antagonist? Role model?
• Maybe the beginning is easier to start with, but where is the beginning? People always say to start there, how do they know where there is?
      –Is it the birth of a squalling baby?
      –Is it the Union of two lovers?
      –Perhaps it starts at the first subtle glare from under coy lashes

• My favorite line in a book is, “Who are you?” A question so simple, yet pregnant with possibility.
• Is human happiness an accident in evolution? I suffering mandatory? (The constant struggle to be happy, content, for everything to be enough.) When is it ever enough? Rabbit Back Literature for reference.
• If I’m not sure who I am, would a catalogue of all my experiences and impressions give me a better idea? Like ordering the plants and animals or organizing a file system?