A beautiful soul I met back in 2019, he drove from North Pole to Nenana to meet me. Yeah we met online, a cheesy dating site. However, that cheesy dating site sent me who I believe is my soulmate. It was Halloween 2019, we both drove through a snow storm to meet up at the bar in Nenana. A couple times during the drive I attempted to bail, to turn around and push off our meet to another time. We stayed on the phone the entire time to keep one another company during the drive. Every time I tried to bail he would encourage me that I could make it through the storm. He would share how much he wanted to meet, how strongly he felt our connection was and that once we met things would be so much better for the both of us. Through the snow storm and many other storms after we are here. Life is a storm and together we weather it. Every single day we gear up for the next storm. Together we always make it. Now its 2023 to this day he continues to tell me I can make it through the storm and daily encourages me and shares his concern. To this day he pushes me to the next day never allowing me to bail.

Alaskan Blueberry Kid