One Love

To see all my friends is bad that there in here but happy at the same time, unfortunate that one has to leave so soon. It’s like a family reunion very happy I have my girls under one roof. 

Sad that my judge don’t like me cause I was denied for the 3rd time @a bail hearing. 2nd time for treatment. And only one bail $55,000. But I’m getting time in that Idn’t have to look at later. 

In deep thought about just flat timing now. So I don’t have to look over my shoulder. I would be transferred toa  different facility where it’s much easier I could do that besides stay here and listen to the hate in people’s mouths, jealous, rude, new ones coming in, or the lump in my throat from the one’s gettting bailed out sad to see them go and happy @ the same time saying they would be back.

Why so hated, loved, envied, talked about.

Treated so good, but looked at like trash like nothing.

Going through so much

Seeing so much, traumatizing 

Having nothing, but the thought ot is all at an end. Hard to get over it. Thankful for a friend.