By Serena Peace

I picked the word “summertime,” because it is when I will be released from jail, most likely. I say this because no lawyer has ever won a case for me (as angry/sad as it makes me). Although Hannah Marx may be nice and smart, it is just the simple fact. The prosecutor always wins. 🙁

But summertime- a great word to me and my understanding. It brings great feelings like pool, sunshine, beach, warm, no school thoughts to mind. Great, free feelings of accomplishments and freedom.

I hope summertime this year is filled with love, laughter, freedom, beaches, shopping, fun, and good food. Actually, I hope to go on a trip to Hawaii, by myself, and enjoy the Honolulu beach and drinks. Because tickets are only $350.00 with AK Airlines. I think I deserve a trip there, after all my work I’ve done. I deserve a break in Hawaii! (The thought makes me so happy and anxious.)