In Creative Writing, free to write about anything, anything at all, I love it–I can write about superficial things or very deep, complex things. Today I choose to keep it light and superficial–it’s nice to keep that balance. I would love to be sitting back on the beach, writing, as I feel the hot sun on my face and shoulders, the cool breeze spraying droplets of water from the emerald green, foamy waves. The sound of the ocean and the sound of the palm leaves as the breeze caresses them, along with the sweet smell of coconut oil, and the taste of fresh coconut water dancing on my tongue. This is my bliss, my life that I have been able to make for myself. Leaving Alaska has made this serene life possible–collecting shells, taking pictures, writing, and breathing in a better life. In awe of God’s beautiful creations. (12/10/18)