I’m thinking about Christmas. Christmas memories with family and friends. Christmas traditions, especially all the treats, cookies, candies, breads, desserts of every kind. And the prime rib dinners I always try to outdo from the previous year. My beautiful Christmas tree too. I always have to outdo myself every year. My daughter’s face throughout the years as she wakes up on Christmas morning excited as a little child to tear open gifts and later as a teen annoyed to no end about being woken up early and her overzealous mom forcing the same childhood traditions of years past. And now today, that same not so little face but a beautiful young lady who now ironically loves to recall those very traditions and longs to experience them again. Memories like these give me the determination to fix things in my life and get back to the place in life where we have all these things back again and so much more. (12/10/18)