To go back in time could do so much for me. If I could I’d go back to before I lost my grandparents on my mother’s side. If that were possible and I held the power and control of what happened moving forward, I would erase all the hurt and trauma that plagued our family generation. My grandpa would never have passed nor my grandma and uncles. My mom’s baby sister would have never been given up for adoption. All would have been right starting from the beginning. I would change that my grandparents would have not been struck by generational trauma, leaving them to be great parents to my mother and her siblings. Erasing all the bad that happened. My mother would grow to be an amazing mother not hurt by what truly happened. Creating 9 amazing kids who also grew to be amazing parents, totally erasing our generational trauma curse. My family would be whole. I’d have my grandparents, an aunty, and 2 uncles. A brother and sister lost. I’d have a great relationship with my man who I’ve actually been reunited with, after our curse caught up with us so many years later. To erase from the beginning it would save the now. What happened between us would have never happened and I would never be here. If only if only Rewind Soup were possible. However, I do believe anything is possible through Christ. I’ll take my rewind soup with a side of prayer and blessed by the holy trinity. Alaskan Blueberry Kid