I like men, a lot of different men. I miss people, dudes all the time, the ones I’ve grown fond of. I wonder if they miss me, then we meet and I’m sure in some way, shape, or form they do. I have a best friend. His name is Gere; he’s a heartbreaker. Kinda a wise, old man, but he’s really not that old. He’s so nice to me. Some would say he’s in love with me, but we’re just friends, and this is totally a two way street. Aside from all the dope I do when I’m free I love my life. Not so much as the way it is going, but everyone who allows me in theirs, I appreciate it. There is a serious crush from when I was 14 that I need to get over. He’s moved on, grew up, and chose not to do all that with me. I’m 31 years old now. Anyways, I’m annoyed with the treatment center, as I was promised a bed April 18th and they still never gave me an official date. The days go by fast unless I stop and think about it.