The connection I have in my relationship or friendships always lead me to one place specific although I feel like I live in some type of multu-verse dimension where I talk to the crew in im only used to because my life is destined by choice otherwise known as self sacrifice for that matter as long as I keep my heard straight with a positive attitude i’m off to greatness but once I get distracted I get more loss and start doing some of the shit maybe out of PTSD or just plain brain dead I’ve suffered lots of trauma especially to the head so its nothing to explain or feel bad for all I know is i’m not alone and i’m ready for whatever it is that life has to offer me in tired of struggling and making poor life choices and feel like i’m making all the wrong moves all i’m trying to say is God bless to dead and to love of my life who is always right here with me whenever I need him he will always fill my head with good advice. 

Peace love and joy, Miss Luna