I feel like my son is my bridge to family. He is the main reason I feel drawn back to family. Home. That’s my boy. Tight hugs. Loving kisses. Unconditional love. Kiddo is the only good thing I’ve done in my life. The laughter, the quality time spent together. He is the center of the family. Babies bring us closer. Their innocence. Their pure love. If we didn’t have the kiddos to think about, I’m sure all of us would go our separate ways. Divide. We wouldn’t be a whole family. I’m thankful for my kiddo and the rest of the precious babies in the family. For them we unite as one. The way a family should be. My kid is my reason to live. Reason to always get back up and try again. The motivation to change and do better. That bond between a mother and child is for life.