Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow…what does contrary even mean? Last summer, I spent my time in the halfway house watching a ton of builder shows on YouTube. How to Build a Playhouse, How to Build an In-The-Hillside House, How to Build a Tent/Shelter out of Saran Wrap, How to Build an Igloo, How to Build a Tree House, How to Build one out of Pallets, all very informational/ educational ideas tucked away in the back of my mind.

I really liked the video where it taught me that if you are in a place where trees aren’t strong enough or big enough to hold up a treehouse/fort on its own, you should use three trees with a triangle base support and build square on top of the base…very Alaskan. I also used Kyle’s Cabin ideas/builds where you just have o use giant, traditional rounds/trees. You just layer the corners and spike the logs together where one layer is longer than the other, then the next on top shorter to fit together  without cutting any corners. I watched and learned. Still learning. Still building. Colette Cabins, Moose Caboose Cabins LLC.