To My Children: D and C + …

I’ve travelled paths you’ve yet to walk. Learned lessons old and new. And now the wisdom of my life I’m blessed to share with you. Learn to trust your feelings, your beliefs you should uphold.

            Don’t walk away from what is right, be courageous and be bold, darling. Let yourself be humble, and remember to be kind. When you have respect for others, true friendships you will find.

            Have dignity and honor, and be proud of all you do, confidence will take you far, a future that waits for you boys. And so, I cannot wait to see and hear of the wonders you’ll do.

Because you’re “My Sons” and “I’m proud of you both.” So keep up the goods!

And I’ll keep my _____ out of the _________ too. When I see you, I’ll tell you what I meant.

Be Good and strong.


Your Mother

D.B. C.