I always said I wasn’t a jailhouse religious person, and to the point, I’m really not.
But I believe I have found God in these walls. And I have come to recognize that God
was with me the entire time outside of these walls. As I went thru fire and hell to save my partner from destroying his own life. I lost everything. We’ve lost everything
materialistic. At the time, our arrests could’ve been so much worse!

However, we both believe we were sent here for a reason. God sent us here
together to clear our minds, forgive our pasts and to build our faith in the
future together. We began praying every night at 10 pm. He is 150 ft down the hall from me and we have yet to fail to pray every night together. We don’t beg. We thank God for bringing us closer, we thank God for being the faith we look forward to. We know we may have lost our material world and possessions but we have been Guided back to what is important – –

Our LOVE, FAITH, BELIEF. Our children, our dog… my motorcycle, LOL. The
irreplaceables in our lives. We were arrested for what we’ve done wrong, but we stayed behind these walls because that was God’s plan.

~T.J. Lambert (a penname)