-By Robbie Kays Chick

When I used to be awoke I was different cuz I knew of a girl named K. I knew what was living – I knew she was at jail. And I knew it was going to be a while. Little did I know I was barely alive. And now I am dead and gone. There will be nothing that can bring me back or bring me up. Not unless my girl is free. The day she gets free is the day I live or come back again. Amen

And now I’m about 10 days to Old Minto treatment. Mourn for my loss and be healed. Try to be anyway. I don’t know if I can believe something so harsh. All to my head and all. My heart. He was my best drinking partner, smoking buddy, or someone to match slow. A harder thing than normal. We kept it coming every day.

I loved him. I will never be able to let him go.