I remember my mom and little sister and I getting ready to get in the can and drive through the heavy traffic to get to the fair grounds. That was exciting for me because the anticipation of getting to the fair grounds and seeing all the people and the rides and smelling all the delicious treats the vendors work so hard to bring. I really loved the look on my moms face when she was there she seemed to light up quit a bit. So one year the three of us got an old timey photo done and that was cool, along with a few more pieces of fair trinkets. The food I like the most is the funnel cake. And turkey legs yum.


I remember my mom, sister and I going to the fair and riding the rides. I like rides but no matter what ride I rode, I screamed my head off and the only words I can say is Oh my God!, Oh my God! but I have such an awesome time when Im on all different rides. The fair for my family evolved into taking the train there and back. My mom would buy the tickets ahead of time because they sold out every year. What a treat I remember one year my mom snored all the way back to Anchorage. That was funny she wore herself out having such a good time.