I need to create a healthy mind, body and spirit. Although I suppose I want it to be in the order of spirit, mind and body. Creating a healthier me, and a more independent me. Kinder, less selfish and a motivator. I’m in dyer need to get control back in my life again. Missing my old family life every day. Also, in need of being independent again. Meditation is something that will help with that.

Not sure how to help others until I help myself. I’m hoping God will order my footsteps and lead me on the right path. Trauma and hardships can be overcome. Loss happens everyday and we have to cope and become stronger. If you can’t stand on your own what happens when there is only you left?

Almost 30 and I’m still growing up. Worrying about loved ones lost and gained, but feeling like I have no control over what’s to come.  God help me.