Life’s seasons, good or bad

have a beginning and an end.

Life’s reasons whether happy or sad

have a purpose.

Heed the lessons in the experience

in the moment of truth, setting in motion the healing process inside a processes.

That may not make sense, but in due time will all play out when one season begins another ends. It’s what you learn in the process of processes that builds character in who you want to become and what you choose to do differently from day to day that makes the overall difference.

It is in the heart of the soul that we begin to grow, and flourish into a beautiful majestic being that is humble, meek , wise and functions with a divine sense of discernment, that with our experience and our knowledge can we then begin to help those around us, by being honest – sharing, understanding and a sense of compassion, willingness to maintain open mindedness in providing a helping hand up not handouts.