April has gone by so quickly already, my time in here is flying by almost. Not keeping a calendar seems to help. It’s like I put my head down in my Bible and look up, and another week has passed. Before I used to count days on a calendar and the anxiety of just counting would eat at me internally.

         I’m hopeful. I don’t have a release date yet, but I know God has a plan for me. The high-strung controlling mom in me would like to think I know best and have a mapped out future, but this time is different. I have a plan, it wasn’t my original plan, the plan keeps changing, evolving, getting better as time moves forward.

         I asked God to bring me back to someplace I love and can’t live without, and I can only trust & believe that though I may think I know best, if I let God control the navigation devices he will once again return me to where I long to be. It’s not so much where I end up, just as long as I am there with my family, location isn’t the end.

         I can say sobriety is the destination I am searching for, but that would imply sobriety is the end. Instead I believe that is just the beginning of life anew. Today I trudge the road of happy destiny.

                                             ~ Ladybug