By “Included too…”
I’m wondering, hoping future tripping. I find myself going back in time a long time ago. Or should I say once upon a time. In my life I once was happy. Once upon a time. I thought I could and would do whatever I wanted… although once upon a time.
I go put down a lot by my older sisters and brothers. I am the youngest girl out of twelve children. I have a younger brother. He lives in Montana now – I wonder if he’s happy. Once upon a time my older sisters and brothers told me what to do – they still treat me as a child. I am afraid of stating my mind, afraid of making waves.
This scene plays out in my mind as I think too much while being in this concrete jungle. I am gonna learn to put up boundaries, learn to say ‘No” to people demanding things from me, and not feel like a rude person when making my stand.
I’m not going to keep coming back here it’s like playing or rewinding the same tune over and over again. I’m tired time to be accountable to me and others.