I forgot what year this was maybe 1999, or so. Anyways, it was a cold windy nite, bar closing time in the biggest city in Alask-Anchorage. I was standing outside the hub waiting for a taxi. 

Some guy in a van, a white van with no windows–I should have known then but that’s hindsite. This guy asked where I was going I said across the bridge Government Hill apartments and he said get in I’ll give you a ride–so I did. I’m not putting myself down any longer for this action. I forgave him.

I jumped into his van he appeared to be going toward the bridge that take you to Gov’t Hill–all of a sudden he makes a turn and goes toward the industrial area. He then stop between two warehouses it’s dark–by this time I”m praying to God. He says take all your clothes off, so I did–then he pushed me out of the van, thank God he did not violate me. I started walking towards this hotel that was by the train tracks under the bridge. Remember I’m stark naked no shoes on nothing. It’s cold & windy.

I started praying saying “I know you hear me let me find something to cover up with even if it’s old & moldy.” All of a sudden I looked to my right and a blanket was folded up and put against this building I was walking by–I picked it up–it was a brand new Pendelton blanket pretty with bright colors–I love bright colors. I thanked God and I said, “Lord, another request.” I know I need a room key to get inside this hotel I’m going into the door where you have to use your key. So my two request was let that end door be open and let the first door on the right I know on be a woman.

I started crying she let me in. I told her what happened. It just so happened she was my size and I went shopping and got a brand new jogging suit with brandnew shoes. I thanked God & told her what happen to me. 

I can’t impress how prayer can move mountains, if you believe.

My awesome bridge was my father in heaven, whom I give al the glory.

Who knows maybe this lady was an angel. She gave me money and called a cab for me. Thank you Jesus, my bridge.

This is one example of many–that my God was there for me.

–Included Too