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I called TCC about 11:30am and the receptionist said ‘C’ went to Nenana. I figured she might have went all the way to Old Minto, but just my thoughts. I wanted to know if I made it into the _______; anyways, I’ll call her around four. I hope that’s long enough. I really want to go to _______ and get back to nature. It is so spiritual, refreshing, and insightful.

That is where my heart is already. I believe the New Minto Council is trying to get a grant for the restoration of the graveyard. It will be good if they get it- I would like to work on that. Also, there are a lot of Diamond Willows in Old Minto. I would like to clean one and varnish it. Maybe, I’ll find one and make a table out of it. The things people make in Old Minto, we give it away at the potlatch held at the end of July. I hope I’m there for the potlatch. There is a lot to do in Old Minto. If one puts their mind to it. Becoming sober minded is one of them- That is my life goal, to be sober for myself, my well-being, for others, and most of all, to honor God.

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