Birthday Blessing in the month of June. The first of June was my aunt’s birthday that had the stroke. I got to talk to her finally. She enjoyed a pint of ice cream by herself and had the family over to enjoy her special day. Then the second birthday is today, my sister. She turned the big 50 years old. She got to see all her kids in one place.

I called her 2 times and we laughed and had good conversations with my nieces and nephews. I love them all so very much.

Then, my daughter’s birthday is on Saturday the 10th of June. We’re all going to call her and then celebrate her dirty 30th b-day, then it’s my birthday on the 20th. Crazy all these b-days in this month.

I usually celebrate the whole month as my birthday month when I’m out in the real world. But now being locked up it’s just the one day. It’s my 17th birthday in jail, same thing just different year. My family will send me money but that’s about it.

My daughter will put money on my player and send pictures, my wife will send money, my niece will send money. I will enjoy it. Just like I’m there with them.

I thank God for the people in my family.