By: Daydreamin’ Ladybug

Juneteenth, I’m not 100% sure what it’s all about, slavery freedom, remembering those who died for slavery and freedom. I know slavery was a thing that happened in our history & is a touchey subject for many but when I think of slavery my mind doesn’t go to southern cottenfields. My mind goes to a college paper I wrote on my family history, my Auntie is Siberian Yupik from St. Lawrence Island, a small 2 town village island off Nome, Alaska but closer to Russia.I went and asked her about our ancestry & she was very proud to tell me we (they) had slaves not long ago, and the men and women of St. Lawrence Island were “badass” for it. Strong. Alaskan Natives would take slaves from “neighboring” villages and it was a normal cultural part of life.

Just because some parts of the world are against something & does something one way doesn’t make it wrong somewhere else, it depends on who you ask, where your from and your culture.