It is written that if we don’t forgive others, we will not be forgiven. I have forgiven most of those that have hurt me. Unfortunately, there are a couple of people that I just cannot bring myself to forgive yet. I just don’t have it in me. You already know who they are and why there is one I want to physically tear apart and put 6 feet under. It is also written that vengeance is yours, not mine.

  Father, Take this darkness away. Light up the darkness with your healing angels to help me. A release from the anger, a burning fire within me. My soul is wounded. It controls what I say, ruining relationships. It makes me physically sick, a never ending storm. I know I’m a sinner and have hurt others. I have done things not pleasing to you. I can see a lot of things in me I need to change. When I hear of all the pain and suffering caused by idle remarks and unkindness, I think of you, who said to the people, “Throw the stone only if you are free from sin.” They went home for none were free from sin.

  Give me the courage and strength to get through these hard times, to feel the joy in my life. Forgive me for all of my imperfections. For all of the wrong I have done. Above all else protect my heart for all I do comes from it. Give me the grace to forgive those that have hurt me, and myself too. Wash me clean by the power of the blood Christ shed on the cross.

  Light up the darkness by filling me with faith and hope. Give me the courage to begin again and the patience to feel the joy in my life. Heal my wounds. Please forgive me, just as Christ Jesus did on the cross, and come to live in my heart. Thank you in advance for this amazing victory by taking the devil from my soul.

                                    In Jesus Name,