Freedom. I’ve taken the most basic freedoms for granted. The smallest of the most basic, human freedoms to the fought for and guaranteed freedoms that hundreds of thousands to even millions of people have died for.

Today, one freedom that I enjoyed was miniscule to those not in jail but almost always taken for granted by each and every person not in jail, which is fresh air and enjoying the sunshine.

I haven’t had fresh air in a week and the sun in my face since the middle of May.

One basic freedom also not enjoyed was ice water. Just a nice cold bottle of ice water, not this nasty, treated tap water.

I’ve lost those freedoms for not doing as I was told by pretrial probation and what the judge has ordered of me which was basic, extremely basic in fact and traded it for no contact or very little contact with my child or family & friends. Inmates know what the freedom of choosing your own lunch or dinner means, but not the ability to pay for such meals.

My Freedoms will never be taken for granted again.