I like holidays. I have always liked birthdays not just my own. Holidays I like to do fun corny kid stuff & celebrate with my family. I bought a big furry green Grinch costume at Christmas one year, then wore it to the movie theaters with my kids & their friends to watch The Grinch. Then M wore the costume on Dr. Suess Day to drive the kids to school. We eat green eggs & ham on Dr. Seuss Day. I’ve made Thing 1, 2 & 3 costumes for my kids and their friends.

  We always do something for Valentines Day, fruity pebble rice crispys cut in heart shapes for daycare, sent grama and family friends photo cards from Walgreens and made some homemade cards to mail, not all always make it to the post office, but it’s a fun activity to show some love each year.

  Birthdays I like to show love to people at least with cake & if possible ice cream. Everyone should have cake on their birthday. It shows you care and if other people forget, you didn’t and it makes them feel special. My mom always got a fancy cake for us on our birthday. I had a Hunchback of Notre Dame cake, I snuck downstairs & took a finger scoop of it out of the oven. My son took a few finger scoops of his #2 cake I made for him. Blue sparkles cake, made with all my love.

                                                ~ Daydreaming Ladybug