From the Fall before just stored in the freezer for a year, thawing in the sink was a chunk of moose meat. Then, the day before she had to leave going back to work, she was settling in her place in another village.

So the next morning she called and asked for some homemade moose soup for lunch.

That’s when we had time, me and my late baby daddy would housesit/babysit the boys all the time. So his brilliant idea was to cook the delicious meal and send it to her on the airplane. She was sure surprised, was happy that it was only hours before the left a message on Facebook about what she wanted for lunch. Even made fry bread with it.

We had to boil it 2 hours, then add all the ingredients – chopped potatoes, carrots, rice, macaroni, Worcestershire sauce for flavoring. The total time to cook was 3 hours and when it was done, we immediately drove it to the airport.

It lasted only a few hours after the boys got home from school. They were happy. I was thankful and that is a blessed memory.

                                    ~One Love