I was 13 when I first used meth and heroin. The smell of meth didn’t really have a smell that I can remember but heroin has a distinct burnt marshmellow smell to it. I was an IV user so the sight of the drugs in a spoon, hearing it bubbling while it was being cooked for a shot heightened my sickness. Once the shot was made all I could feel for a second was the quick pinch while I inserted the needle into my vein. After I emptied the contents into my blood, I felt my sickness disappear and a high I can’t ever duplicate without meth and heroin.

The taste in the back of my throat once the contents of the shot was in my blood also had a distinct taste I can’t describe either. I learned to love the drugs until that was all I could think about. The love had disappeared once I realized I no longer wanted it but that I NEEDED it. It took me away from the people I loved, landed me in jail, doing things I never had to do and to make choices that I regret; like not saying good-bye to my grandma and baby cousin when they passed away. It took me 10+ years to learn how to live my life without it.

                                                -AK Beauty