I chose the word “normally,” because I miss my daily routine & I now look for anything normal to feel comfortable again. I recently had a meeting with my mental health clinician & relayed everything abnormal in my life now. So I let almost everything on my mind and off my chest go, and released it.

 Umm… I miss doing things like art & sewing, weird normal things like laundry & cooking. I love quilting and actually look forward to doing these things when I get out. Usually at times when incarcerated, I make a to-do list and a wish list. A shopping list & a little journal for anything else. So even actually getting incarcerated is normal for me, though I haven’t been in 2 years.

I still have my basic go-to routine I refer to; to help me out mentally. I need to write/journal to feel focused & sane again which is why I really like to attend these classes & participate all I can. I’ve realized I don’t live with my parents or at my house anymore, so I am readjusting in a new space and still trying my best here because I see the streets as my other option. I realize I could die or lose my space here. So now I am just waiting to readjust to a different living environment, that I hope I get help with to live at a living asst. home. I like the structure & the professionalism.

– By Serena Peace