Higher education is so important: it allows a person to feel empowered, encouraged and to have a sense of purpose. As I sit in jail today, later I can see where my life took a turn toward drugs. At 35, I worked in the ER as an LPN and loved life. I hurt my back and was put on pain management, and I myself started to spin out of control. My life of addiction started and I just now can admit to myself that I myself need help to get back on track. Unfortunately, I have lost so much. Before, I could see that I needed help myself. So being in Jail I have been on both sides of the fence: educated – a college educated nurse, and now in prison. It can change a person’s whole life to be educated. A sense of purpose. I myself at 42 years old will be getting out of jail and going back to college to redefine myself as a member of society.