My comfort food would have to be moosemeat.

1 would be fried moosemeat with onion and potatoes and garlic and lots of fat.

2 would be moose guts boiled and steamed.

When I was younger I used to help my parents cut up a moose when my dad shot one. I learned how to cut up the meat and cook it, clean the guts and how to freeze the meat and always to pass out the meat to all the families in my village.

Ive been helping my parents ever since for all my life and still doing it.I really enjoy hearing the story of how they track it down and shot it and where to shoot it so it would be a clean death and no suffering and always shot the moose on land and not water. It would sink and become very heavy. If the moose was cut up right it would be enough meat for about 20 families or a potlatch. We all share and enjoy. We would do the same with salmon, sitting around with family

Fry up meat with onions, sliced potatoes, moose fat, and enjoy. Also slice up moose heart and kidneys.

Please let me know what fills your belly that makes you happy.