Dear Soldier,

You are a soldier at heart, a veteran of the Marines, a Soldier of God being a priest in our lands. A soldier of our people being our first Chief. As a child I was afraid of you due to your strong morals & obedience. Now I look up to you. God has given you so many obstacles & tribulations throughout your life. Taking grandma (your mom) taking my Dad (your brother) taking uncles & aunties (your brothers & sisters) leaving two of you here to carry on your generation. You’ve been a soldier of cancer, now multiple times. & yet, your faith & love is still untouched. Even though you may not know this you are my soldier. Coming to visit me, your mischief niece, when no one else will. You’ve never given up on me. I take pride in seeing your pictures in the Marines, seeing what I see today, a strong Gwich’in Woman. Yes, I said Woman.

I love you dearly Auntie & thank you for your service. Service for the Marines, service for God, service for our people.

I love you.

  • Gwich’in Starr