For days the tension was strong,

Words sharp

as a double-edged sword,

Anger, Hate

Tried to take the broad on a date.

Thump, thump by day,

Devil at night,

With her shirt off all the time

Thought I would lose my eye sight


Never fear Prince Charming’s here,

She was sour with fear,

Never seen her without fears.

Push came to shove,

No glove, no Love,

Poor thing was beat.

Victory so sweet,

Man, that froggy sure could leap.

That’s a hell of a way to live.


Keep yelling as you leave

But best believe

Ya talking to me all wrong,

It’s the wrong tone,

So I tell myself,

Fuck it, let that shit go,

I can sleep at night,

I have my cake,

And I’m gonna take a bite.


~The Running Man!