Someone I would consider an influential woman for me personally I know both from work and inside the walls of AA. I was working as a medical assistant at a pain management clinic, and she was my supervisor being the Physician Assistant. As the P.A. she worked directly under the Doctor and could do all things that the Doctor can do. She sort of unspokenly became my sponsor, or closest thing I’ve had as a sponsor because she was once in my shoes, maybe without the legal issues but was openly admitting to being a recovering alcoholic.

            She met her husband in the AA rooms and he was once a known heroin dealer, who now is in recovery with her and owns/runs a successful business in medical offices. She tells me their house is a “sober house,” no drugs or alcohol ever enter their safe space. I’d like to have that someday for myself with my partner. It shows me anyone from all walks of life can succeed.