Today has been a good day. It’s always a good day when we have classes to get us out of the dorm. I have done the math and about 20 hrs. a day are spent sitting on my  ***  at my new temporary home, my bunk. I am grateful they recently sent girls to Hiland so there are less girls in each dorm, basically a lot less drama in the day to day, but mainly so I don’t have to worry about having to share my bunk with anyone.

            The last time I was in here in 2019/2020 I did some time in the gym and there was a woman in the bunk next to me who after time being my neighbor, became my friend. And later became my co-“office” space worker so to speak.

We cleared off the top bunk above my bed and would stand on the bottom bunk and essentially turned the top into our writing desk. But because this is jail, and you have to roll w/life and make the best of it. We turned it into our “office space” and gave each other/named ourselves nice, white, office lady names. We would meet together to write.

            We later found out that we are actually cousins through family in Barrow, AK. So, we stayed in touch after we served our time. She started sending me pictures of her face bruised badly and I still feel guilty I never helped her. I was on house arrest, I felt I couldn’t do much. After finding out she was beat to death I feel I could/should have done more.

            I’m writing a book here in FCC this time around, and I’d like to dedicate it to her – my jail office-partner and friend.