I wake up every day here in jail in a good positive mood. That’s until someone says something annoying from the day before or asks a stupid question, like “What’s today,” “What day is it?” or “What time is it?” I find that stupid. I really don’t want to be reminded of what time it is, or what day it is, and I just want to do or learn something new every day. There’s no new books, no answers to my questions, and no one else like me.

  So, I try not to sleep if I can help it. Try to think of my future. What I have to say to keep this from tripping me. There’s letters in my path that I just have to put together. It may be my answer. Maybe a Landmark. Maybe my calling to do this. Whatever it says, spells or tells me to do. I must. I can look it up these days, go to a library and learn about it, or make my own decision of how to do it or make an explanation of it.

  I’m thinking of an ice cream sundae right now…of a person close to me I can share it with, and maybe one more. I’ve heard “sharing is caring” and that’s cool too! Think, Believe, and Be Honest!

                                                                        Love, DC