That is the question I ponder as I sit in the dorm day in and day out. At least the sun is warm and bright, and it comes up on the good and bad.

I don’t want to consider myself a bad person because I’m not basically. I have my moments like everyone else.

            I don’t believe in violence like punching people, gossiping about people, putting people down. You know the ones who choose to react that way are lost & confused. Or plain mean – you think the way they were raised has a lot to do with it? Maybe.

            I believe in The Father –The Son – and The Holy Spirit. The Trinity. As a matter of fact, I talked to the Holy Spirit just this morning. I felt him say “You will be okay. Just let me do my joy and I will show you things that you cannot imagine – miracles.” Yes, I’m down for some miracles to take place. How exciting.

            I’m writing a friend of mine to put $ on my books! I’ve so far sent three letters in the ten days I’ve been here. I wonder, I hope he writes back. I’m not sure what to do – this is why I’m seeking The Trinity’s guidance to help me make up my mind whether to flat time it or what. Ugh! I’m not confident enough to make a drastic decision.

            Some people in here sure hold in a lot of hatred so have a revengeful spirit about them. Why hate someone you do not know? Why blame things on one whole family, when just one person is responsible for such hard feelings?

            I choose to forgive and pray for these people. God is so gracious to me and to all who let Him into their hearts.

                                    ~Included Too