I don’t want them to look at me like they do to others. Don’t let others see me like that.

         I will not have them speak of me like they do when they’re there all the time.

         Don’t have others like me for their own wants and needs. They don’t like me for me.  I do…

         I don’t see them smile most of the time. Even when they see me. Don’t let others veer you from smiling. I’m always happy to see them. Don’t have peeps veer you off your path of happiness. Keep smiling… I do.

         I won’t let them discourage me from doing what I want and know is right. Even though I have. Don’t let others do it anymore.

I’m a patient, loving, lovable, and smart individual. I don’t think like them.

         I am me and always will be the same outgoing, helpful, still shy at times, person of God.

         I don’t lie, don’t glare, don’t sneak, don’t dislike many things, don’t veer others off their doings.

         I’d walk them to where they are going. Mostly cause I’m going the same way.

         Don’t do it if you don’t want to.

         All I want to do is be me and not have you not be you. Not have to tell you, “You should not do that. Don’t, Don’t, Don’t…” That’s not me. Let’s get it straight. Don’t get it twisted. We are not dogs too. We are only human.