On the inside there is a battle between my child spirit and adulthood. I struggle to let go of the child spirit as she was jaded at such a young age, forced to become an adult while still a child. A teen mother forced to become an adult while still a teen.

  On the inside I choose to hold my child spirit to allow her to be the child she never was able to be. With this I give her special protection of an adult spiritual knowledge that allows her to remain a child with eternal life forever. With adult me, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit looking out for her, her outside is not a battle but her playground to explore, question, play and process the life she has lived.

  On the outside she chooses free will and chooses to believe what God wants for her is to live this life, this gift he has given her to her. To live on for not only the Holy Trinity but also for those who have passed on and who are no longer with us. To live not in shame, feeling no guilt. Not to be a sheeple, but a leader and never in fear. Those who do live this way will never reach her as she is already accepted in Heaven forever and ever and never ever has to worry or stress where she is headed when this life ends.

  Those who have passed judgement, shame, guilt, hurt toward her mirrors her image. When your judgement day comes you will be damned forever and ever. That’s how special we all are if you are able to accept your gift and figure it out for yourself. Could it be his gift also includes free will?

                                    ~ Alaskan Blueberry Kid